Relief Project

Ramazan is ten years old and lives with his parents in a village in the province of Antalya in Turkey. He has suffered from the life-threatening illness beta thalassemia major from birth.

The costs of rehabilitation for Ramazan following a successful stem cell transplant amount to around 35,000 Euros, a sum not covered by Turkish health insurance companies or by the Turkish state.

Current donation total: 1,782 Euro of 35,000 Euro reached.

Medical examinations have shown that Ramazan's younger brother Furkan has the identical tissue type and is therefore a potential stem-cell donor. At the Antalya University Hospital, specialists therefore want to perform a stem-cell transplant on Ramazan in the next few years, which would completely cure him.

A quarter of the costs of the actual treatment would be covered by the Turkish agricultural health insurance fund and the rest by the Turkish state. However, his parents are then faced with further considerable costs that the health insurance fund and the state will not pay for.

• To care for her son, Ramazan's mother will not be able to work on the family farm and therefore suffer loss of earnings.

• In the recovery phase of around six months, Ramazan will have to see his physicians regularly for check-ups as an out-patient. During this time, Ramazan and his mother will need to live near to the hospital. A trip to his home village some 120 km away would be too risky so soon after his transplant.

• The house in which the family lives will need to be adapted to Ramazan's new immune system, still weak at this stage. It will need special paint on the walls, different floor coverings and furniture that is easy to disinfect.

Süleyman, a former neighbor and friend of the family who has lived in Lindau on Lake Constance in Germany since 1982, where he works as a mailman, has made young Ramazan's future his cause. Together with a self-help group for people with leukemia, lymphoma and other blood disorders founded in Lindau, he wants to raise enough money for Ramazan's parents to cover the estimated costs of 35,000 Euros.

This self-help group has been a member of Thalassämiehilfe ohne Grenzen e. V. since 2009. Our association is organizing the fundraising campaign and is also running the donations account. We have set up a separate account for donations to Ramazan.

A huge thank-you to all who have donated.

Donation account 1 000 525 357


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