Relief Projects

It is in countries without a functioning health-care system that thalassemia may plunge the families of those affected into deep crisis. In emerging countries and in countries where a large part of the population survives on a low income, the cost of assistance or treatment is often unaffordable.

And it is not only the treatment itself that costs money. Sometimes, travel costs or air fares to get to hospital appointments can be prohibitive too. Usually, the parents of affected children and teenagers cannot go out to work at this time, because they have to care for their son or daughter. Sufferers' families also incur more costs during the recovery phase after a stem-cell or bone-marrow transplant, as the parents cannot go back to work because the child needs comprehensive care until fully recovered.

Through individual emergency relief projects, we want to specifically help children and teenagers affected by thalassemia and their families to fund treatment or pay for aftercare.

Relief Project Ramazan

Ramazan lives with his parents in a village in the province of Antalya in Turkey. He has suffered from the life-threatening illness beta thalassemia major from birth.

A Bridge to Sardinia

"Unu ponte pro Sardigna – A Bridge to Sardiniia" support patients and their families with donations of clothing and everyday items  and also monetary donations.