Our Foundation
and our purposes

Our committed, highly motivated staff consists entirely of volunteers who invest their decades of experience in the three primary fields of work carried out by our recognized, not-for-profit association.

Generating global awareness at all levels.

To raise awareness of the disease, we want to reach the patients, relatives, health-care professionals, the media and the legislators, but also the general public. The fight against thalassemia must become an integral part of the public debate.

Supporting and advising patients and their families.

We act as a source of information and point of contact to ensure that health insurers, public agencies and changing contact persons are always aware of new knowledge from research. We are also a point of contact for any questions that patients and their families might have when adapting their lifestyle to the disorder.

Finding supporters and donators.

We encourage people to talk about the disorder. To fight thalassemia effectively, people need to know about it and be able to identify it. The more people talk about it, the more this will help the work of the association. As well as those who donate money, these supporters are an important mainstay in the fight against thalassemia.

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(thalassemia aid without borders)                    


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Telephone +49 7151 920316
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Registered in the association register of the Waiblingen District Court VR 1375.
Recognized as a not-for-profit association by the Waiblingen tax office (tax number 90080/17987)