Your donations help to support the work of Thalassämiehilfe ohne Grenzen e. V.
Every donation, however large or small, helps us in our fight against this disorder or directly benefits those people affected by thalassemia.

We follow strict ethical guidelines when we receive donations. We do not commission any commercial companies with collecting donations, have only voluntary staff, and ensure that all money donated, down to the very last cent, is put towards our projects.

We seek to work efficiently and deliberately avoid bulk mail. Our administration costs are almost zero and we rely on e-mail to save on postal charges.

The public must be able to take us at our word, and that is particularly the case for our donators. We don't make a business out of the hardships of our fellow human beings.

Naturally we comply with all data protection laws and the details of (sponsoring) members and donators are kept strictly confidential.

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